If you have any questions regarding art conservation and restoration, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Upon viewing an artwork, most damage is obvious and a consistent process is involved for the repair. There can be unforeseen difficulties; however, restoration will never exceed the provided quote without a full discussion of the problem and resolution.

If disaster strikes and an object that is part of your art collection is damaged, I can file the insurance claim for you. This includes photographic and video documentation. It is also important to provide photographic documentation from before the damage occurred.

I can provide you with an estimate of the cost of repairing the damage. This gives you a good idea of the potential value of your claim.

Yes, your artwork will be insured both during transportation (if personally done by me), and during its stay in my studio.


I am available to come to the location of the art piece. I prefer to come and view the artwork in person prior to sending my quote.
As for the treatment, if it’s possible and safe for the artwork, I will transport it to my studio. However, if the conditions (dimensions or state of conservation) do not allow for transportation, I will work on-site.
When a painting is properly conserved and restored, the monetary value will not be diminished. In many cases, the value will increase. This increase in value depends mainly on the qualifications and skill of the conservator and on the methods and materials used during treatment.
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