Conservation Inquiry



After submitting the form below, you will be contacted as soon as possible to arrange an in-person consultation. If you prefer, skip the form and contact me directly.






During your consultation, examination techniques using little or no sampling will be utilized and only if necessary, I will perform tests on a less visible area. I will examine your art piece closely, take photographs, and do documentation. Attention is also given to the environments in which works are displayed (lighting, temperature, and humidity levels).


After the examination, I will promptly send you one or two different intervention proposals, depending on the complexity of the case. The overall state and condition of the art piece, as well as your needs and expectations, will be considered. 

Conservation Treatment

If the state and size of the art piece allows for transportation, the conservation treatment will take place in my studio. If transportation is not possible, I will then propose a schedule to do the intervention on-site. More information on conservation and restoration can be found on the Services page.


Post Conservation

When the intervention is complete, the art piece will be transported back to its home, together with a conservation plan for future maintenance and a final report if needed.
Upon request, digital documentation of the intervention phases (autoCAD, Photoshop, MetigoMAP and photos) can be provided.

Restoration [conservation] is the methodological moment in which the work of art is appreciated in its material form and in its historical and aesthetic duality, with a view to transmitting it to the future.


Conservation Inquiry

    You will be contacted as soon as possible.